Name: No Snag Towels

Size (L x W): 030 x 030 cms
                         050 x 090 cms
                         070 x 130 cms
                         090 x 150 cms

Type: Terry

Colours: White  

Weight – GSM: 425

Weight – GMS: 030 x 030 cms –  038
                            050 x 090 cms – 190
                            070 x 130 cms –  385
                            090 x 150 cms –  570

Packaging:    030 x 030 cms – 10Pcs Per Polybag / 50 Polys per ctn
                         050 x 090 cms – 05Pcs Per Polybag / 16 Polys per ctn
                         070 x 130 cms – 01Pc Per Polybag / 30 Polys per ctn
                         090 x 150 cms – 01Pc Per Polybag / 30 Polys per ctn

Snag is explained by Wikipedia as ”In textiles, a snag is created when a sharp or rough object pulls, plucks, scratches, or drags a group of fibres, yarn, or a yarn segment from its normal pattern.” The snag or run or pull can occur when a thread of yarn breaks due to some reason and gets pulled out of normal weaving. This could occur due to many reasons, a thread being pulled by a finger ring or an earring, or a sharp finger nail or getting stuck on a sharp object. The hems of a towel could also get snagged due to high temperature wash, which could weaken the threads and open them or break them.  

No Snag, is the solution to these mishaps.

Our No Snag Towels are made with 94% pure cotton and 6% Polyester, making them stronger and longer lasting, still soft to feel and touch. No Snag Towels are dyed at high temperatures to help you remove all the stains and dirt when washed, without losing its whiteness. Our No Snag range of Knitted towels are available in Face Cloth, Hand Towel, Bath Towel and Bath Sheet Sizes.